Confrontations between the Turkish army and the YPG gunmen and the Turkish shelling exclude Russian locations

Clashes erupted today between the Turkish army and the gunmen of the People's Protection Units YPG, in the area of Gher Mountain, Bulbul district in Efrin countryside, north Aleppo. 

NSO reporter in Efrin said the Turkish army used heavy weapons in targeting the YPG points saying that this is the second time that clashes erupt between them in the area. The Turkish army targeted YPG gunmen in the last 2 days with more than 200 shells. Among the targets were: the Kara-baba police station in Rajo district, the the radio camp for forced recruitment and military training located between Oushagh factory village and Khalil village in Ma'batly district. This camp is well fortified as the reporter said.

NSO reporter explained that the Turkish shelling excluded Qatma and Kafr-Jana villages nearby Izaz as the Russian forces entered these villages and focused in a camp for the YPG in Kafr-Jana.

Meanwhile, the Turkish authorities continue building the border wall between Turkish and Syrian lands on the Syrian agricultural lands in Efrin and its countryside.

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University. 

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