YPG recruiting underage fighters in Efrin

The child Hamied Rashed

NSO reporter in Efrin said “People’s Protection Units YPG” recruited 14 years old child Hamied Rashed Ahmad from Dermisho village in Sheikh Hadid in Efrin countryside north Aleppo in its ranks.

NSO reporter in Efrin said the family of child Ahmad are all among PYD ranks and his mother is an official of PYD “Star female Congress”,according to the family the child joined YPG with his family approval and a pride for them though his young age and YPG approved its recruitment and he enlisted in one of training camps in Efrin countryside.

The child’s relative told NSO Ahmad used to go to village’s school but maybe his family’s partisan raising affected him and pushed him to enlist with YPG and show off in front of his friends,what was surprising is how his family encouraged him and considered this as a pride for them.

Many cases of YPG recruiting minors among its ranks and the most famous is the case of a girl called Hemrin Abdi who was kidnapped and recruited in 2014 by YPG when she was 15.

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University. 

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