PYD arrest Kurdish opponent in al-Haskah

On Tuesday, PYD gunmen arrested Kurdish opponent Berzan Sulieman in al-Hasakah in north Syria.

Activists said PYD Asayish arrested “Democratic Party” and “Kurdish National Council KNC” member Berzan Suleiman in al-Salyhyie neighborhoods in al-Haskah city and took him to unknown place.

Hundreds of opponents and civilians still detained in PYD prisons for different charges like “bad attitude toward martyrs, communicating with foreign powers, communicating with ISIS”

sdf pkk pyd YPG Syria Rojava سوريا الحسكة معارضة روجآفا

Samir Yousef

A graduate of law, a human-right and media activist. NSO reporter in Malkiye and its countryside.  

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