Families of Manbij Military Council shocked when they knew their sons were killed in Raqqa battles

Funeral of Manbij Military Council fighters in late May-Hewar agency

Families of 6 fighters of YPG-affiliated Manbij Military Council were shocked to know their sons were killed in Raqqa battles against ISIS after the Council sent them to Raqqa fronts without telling their families.

NSO reporter in Manbij said 6 local fighters from Manbij fighting with “Manbij Military Council” were killed on Sunday in ISIS suicidal attack in al-Roumanyie neighborhood in Raqqa city, one of the fighters is underage(17 years old) called Fahed al-Abed, other known fighters who were killed is “Adnan Ibrahim” a deaf and mute person who joined the Council ranks among his cousins, and another local called Ibrahim al-Ismail who according to his mother wanted to leave the fight in the end of June.

One of fighter’s father told NSO reporter in Manbij: we didn’t know our sons were sent to Raqqa, they received promises from Manbij Military Council commanders that their service will be inside Manbij or in the out skirts of the city only, we assumed they were in al-Aryme area near Manbij, some of them didn’t have any fighting experience.

Manbij Military Council sends reinforcement to YPG in Raqqa fronts which is advancing under International Coalition support against ISIS.

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Odai Al-Jabrre

Editor and reporter

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