FSA attack YPG points who responded by shelling Marea caused civilians casualties

FSA fighter on front lines with YPG in Aleppo northern countryside

On Saturday night, 4 YPG fighters and 1 FSA fighter were killed in clashes in Tal al-Madiq village in Aleppo northern countryside.

Military commander of Ahl al-Diyar operation room Captain Mohamad Abu Ibrahim told NSO reporter “100 local fighters from villages under YPG control in Aleppo northern countryside attacked on 7pm points in Tal Madiq village which are farms under YPG control, clashes with them killing 4 fighters while on FSA fighter was killed and we were able to capture farms looking over Tal Madiq village”

NSO reporter said clashes between both sides erupted in Kafer Khasher,Meraanaz and Jibrin without info on casualties while Turkish artillery hit YPG positions in Bersaya mountain.

On another side, YPG shelled with mortar shells civilian neighborhoods in Marea killing 2 civilians called Abdullah Najar 50 years old and his son Mahmoud 22 years old and injured 3 others: kids riham Abdullah Najar 13 years old, Rawan Najar 12 years old and Mostafa Najar 24 years old, all casualties and injuries from one family.

Fighters belong to several FSA groups in north Syria formed last week Operation room called “Ahel al-Diyar” to kick YPG out of Tal Rifaat and its villages which it controlled in February 2016.

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Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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