Exchanged artillery shelling between YPG and FSA kills one civilian

FSA fighter on the frontline against YPG in Aleppo northern countryside

One civilian was killed in Marea in Aleppo northern countryside and other 10 injured among them children due to “People’s Protection Units YPG” shell on the city in retaliation for FSA groups in Azaz shelling YPG areas.

NSO reporter in Aleppo countryside said civilian called Hasan Tareq al-Hafez 22 years old was killed in YPG shelling on Marea city in retaliation of FSA groups shelling Qatme and Qastal Jando villages in Sheran district in Efrin countryside with dozens of shells without info on casualties on injuries just some destruction in olive farms.

NSO reporter said FSA shelling was longer this time and it reached Kashtaar village in Aleppo northern countryside while a mortar shell fell near Shahbaa refugee camp managed by “Self-Autonomous” near Efrin city.

Reporter added the shelling also targeted Fafin and Ahres where at least 20 mortar shells hit and led to damage in civilians’ houses in Ahres.

Worth to mention the clashes and shelling escalated in the latest days between both sides in Aleppo western and northern countryside frontlines.

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Nezar Hmaidy

A graduate of law from Aleppo University. NSO reporter in east Aleppo countryside.

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