Detained under the pretext of being arrested; PYD authorities detained civilians came from Turkey to visit their families in Efrin

Azadi square in Efrin city center in Aleppo northern countryside

On Thursday, PYD authorities decided to ban Efrin residents who came from Turkey to visit their families during al-Fiter Eid holiday from leaving Efrin 4 days after it announced “opening Efrin doors” for its residents who wanted to visit it from other areas. 

The head of the interior commission of “Democratic Union Party PYD” Hasan Beyrim said in an interview by Radio “Welat” that Efrin’s authorities will not allow civilians who came to visit the city to go back to Turkey and pass by armed opposition-held areas in Idlib and Aleppo countryside, justified it “due to fear of being detained in these areas”.

NSO reporter in Efrin met “Kh-Sh” a civilian from Efrin works as tailor in Istanbul in Turkey, came to Efrin after 3 years in Turkey and he wanted to move the city after Bab al-Salame border crossing was opened for Syrians in Turkey who want to spend Eid holiday in Syria and PYD announcement they will allow residents to visit it.

“Kh-Sh” told our reporter: after I came to Efrin I was shocked by the decision of banning civilians from going back to Turkey after the Eid holiday ends, my children and wife in Istanbul and if I couldn’t go back to them it will be a disaster for them, even if I was late this will cause problem with my boss at work, I hope this decision will be revised.

According to NSO reporter in Efrin dozens of families from Efrin live in Turkey wanted to visit their city after Bab al-Salame border crossing was open between Turkey and Syria, but PYD authorities decision changed their minds in fear of being detained by PYD gunmen.

Jowan Malla 22 years old student in agriculture engineering in Van university in Turkey told NSO: I have a huge urge to visit my city Efrin and I wanted to cross borders to spend Eid al-Fiter holiday with my family, but I hesitated due to fear of being detained by PYD militia and after their latest decision to ban residents from going back to Turkey I was thankful for not going there, if I did I would probably lose my place in the university especially that the PYD authorities won’t understand the importance of going back to Turkey and finish studying.

Some civilians from Efrin fear crossing armed opposition-held areas, many cases of people being detained in FSA-held areas were monitored, according to our reporter one civilian from Efrin countryside was detained last Sunday when he entered Syria in Bab al-Salame border crossing called Mostafa Esmat Aliko and the reasons of detention are unknown.

“A-A” a civilian from Efrin works in textile workshop in Ankara told NSO he was heisted to go to Syria to visit Efrin in fear of being detained in Azaz by armed opposition but this didn’t happen although he was detained in Efrin after latest PYD decision.

“A-A” added to NSO reporter: I am now detained in Efrin and I can’t go back to Turkey, my children and wife are in Ankara and I am their only supporter, I fear they will be kicked out of the house if I couldn’t pay the rent and I won’t be able to pay the rent as long as I can’t go back to Turkey, I can only have faith in God now.

PYD Asayish in Efrin issued decision to close all entrance and exit crossing from and to Efrin from Saturday 24/6/2017 until Tuesday 27/6/2017 including main crossings to Azaz city and Daret Ezza town.

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Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University. 

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