Civilians in Hasakah countryside resist forcible recruitment patrol and YPG threat to raid the village

PYD Counter-terrorism fighters

Civilians of Abu Ghadir village near al-Qahtanyie city in Hasakah countryside resisted PYD military police patrol entered the town to capture men for forcible recruitment.

NSO reporter in Hasakah countryside said civilians from Abu Ghadir village attack self-Autonomous military police patrol when it entered the village to capture men for forcible recruitment in PYD-held areas.

Reporter added that civilians majority elderlies attacked patrol van which came to the village under command of commander called Haval Mazloum and they destroyed it saying they refuse to enlist their sons, patrol headed to the village’s Mokhtar telling him to tell people to hand over who attacked their vehicle and threatened the village to do what they did in Atshan village in Aleppo eastern countryside.

200 PYD fighters in 15 vehicles raided in March Atshan village in Aleppo eastern countryside and arrested 30 young men after residents resisted military police patrol in the village.

NSO reporter in Hasakah countryside knew from sources that men who PYD want to capture them are: Tareq al-Mohaidy al-Hamid, Malek and Ibrahim al-Hassan, Fawaz al-Hamid, Rediny al-Hamid, Hussain al-Barho al-Hamid, Mana’a al-Hamid, Adel and Thamer al-Hamad and Jasem al-Haklish all accused of attack the patrol when it entered the village but local source in the village denied their responsibility of attack the patrol, the residents didn’t mention the names of attackers but PYD got names from one of their agents in the village.

Our reporter also said 2 young men fled the forcible recruitment center known as “Internal Defense” in al-Yaroubyie city in Hasakah countryside and Asayish captured them after searching for them in the city.

Nimr al-Shemari

 from al-Qamishli graduated from Damascus University faculty of journalism


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