Doctors in Aleppo countryside sit-in protesting Turkish authorities law restrict their movement through borders

Doctors in sit-in in Bab al-Salame border crossing condemning being banned from entering Turkey

On Saturday, a group of doctors and nurses in Aleppo northern countryside did a sit-in in Bab al-Salame border crossing with Turkey condemning new law was issued by Turkish authorities ban majority of medical crew in armed opposition held areas in Aleppo countryside to enter Turkey or exit.

NSO reporter in Aleppo northern countryside said new law ban doctors from enter and exit Turkey was issued unofficially by Turkish ministry of health except a list contain names chosen by the ministry and cancel a list contain the names of 250 doctors, nurses and medical crew were allowed to enter and exit Turkey before.

According to a source in Aleppo Free health commission to NSO reporter the new list contained about 185 names of doctors, nurses and management crew 135 of them work in “Independent Doctors Association IDA” funded Martyr Mohamad Wasim Mouaz (Bab al-Salame hospital).

From his side al-Huryie field hospital doctor Abdulrahman Hafez told NSO reporter: our sit-in was to refuse the Turkish side favoring some hospitals crews funded by NGO close to Turkish authorities, we condemn this favoritism which will split the hospitals’ crews in the area.

In armed opposition held areas in north and east Aleppo more than 60 hospitals but it lack some specialties like Ophthalmology, polyclinic and pediatrics and some medical equipment and devices like IMR.

Doctor Saber al-Ali the head of Pediatric and Gynecology hospital in north Aleppo said this new law affected the hospitals and caused absence of specialized doctors from work which affected the sick civilians who are gatherings at the hospitals’ gates.

Worth to mention all hospitals in north and east Aleppo follow Aleppo Free Health commission and its income vary according to its foundation, working and salaries and its crews were allowed to cross using Bab al-Salame border crossing before the new law.

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Khaled Al-Saleh

Reporter of Aleppo countryside

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