Casualties in Marea in YPG shelling and opposition respond by shelling YPG positions in Efrin countryside

2 YPG fighters on frontlines with armed opposition in Efrin countryside.

On Saturday midnight, a woman and her child were killed and others injured in Marea city in Aleppo northern countryside in “People’s Protection Units YPG” shelling from its positions in Sheikh Eissa village.

NSO reporter in Marea said a woman and her child were killed and 6 other civilians injured majority from the same family in YPG shelling from its positions in Sheikh Eissa village while the armed opposition and Turkish army responded by bombing YPG positions.

Reporter added that 2 civilian casualties are Ghazale Mohamad Nasan Khatib 54 years old and her son Baraa Abdulhakim Khatib 15 years old and injuries are: Barake Husain Barake and Yehia Zakria Falifel both are 12 years old, Tasneem Abdulhakim Khatib 14 years old,Osama Abdulhakim Khatib 6 years old, Ahmad Abdulhakim Khatib 8 year sold and another daughter of Abdulhakim Khatib family 15 years old.

NSO reporter in Efrin said YPG positions in Bersaya mountain, Qastal Jando, Meranaz, al-Malikyie, Jalil and Tal Rifaat were heavily bombed and shelling sounds were heard in Efrin city without info on casualties or injuries yet.

Aleppo northern countryside areas witness repeated exchanged shelling between armed opposition groups and Turkish army from a side and “People’s Protection Units YPG” dominated-SDF on the other side.

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Khaled Al-Saleh

Reporter of Aleppo countryside

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