Qamishli students protest closing private institutions law while pro-PYD marched supporting it

Qamishli students protesting against closing private teaching institutions decision which was imposed by PYD authorities

Dozens of students in Qamishli city north Syria protested the law was issued by “Democratic Union Party PYD” which close private teaching institutions and tutor courses at homes.

NSO reporter in Qamishli said the protest was in front of UNICEF building in al-Syahi neighborhoods with heavy Asayish presence which closed all roads to the protest area, while another protest at the same time and place by organized by PYD “education and school commission”

Our reporter explained that some pro-PYD protesters attacked the anti-closing law protest and teared off the banners but there was no fight between both sides.

“L-H” a student of 11th grade told NSO reporter: in this time I need a lot of private lessons, the school don’t care anymore and the students’ numbers are too much in few schools that still teach Assad regime curriculum”

“L-H” considered studying outside Assad regime curriculum would kill his career for the “self-autonomous” primitive teaching methods is not accepted outside its school and no use from the certificates I would get”.

From her point of view “B-H” a student from Ayn al-Arab “Kobane” said: I left my city for war and settled up in Qamishli to complete studying, I signed up at private courses to study what I missed in previous years, closing the institutions will destroy my future because no way I would complete what I missed in the previous years except private institutions, we will keep pressure “self-autonomous” until it cancel this unfair decision”.

PYD authorities which imposed “self-autonomous” in north Syria announced it will close all private teaching institutions and private courses at homes, considered the private institutions marginalized school’s turn and its fees is another burden on families shoulders.

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Nowruz Agha


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