Civilian casualties in SDF shelling on Raqqa

Airstrike on Raqqa city-AFP

On Tuesday dawn, 1 civilian was killed and others injured in “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” shelling targeted Tal Abyad street in Raqqa city.

NSO reporter said 1 civilian was killed and others injured in YPG-dominated SDF shelling targeted civilian buildings in Tal Abyad Street which is a trade market in Raqqa city center.

Reporter added that 8 civilians were killed and 10 others injured on Monday night in SDF shelling targeted “Haret al-Ajili”, slain civilians were buried in al-Boustan Park while injuries taken to the National Hospital which lack medical equipment.

Reporter mentioned that more than 100 heavy shell fired by SDF on Raqqa city neighborhoods from last night until Tuesday morning while US-led coalition warplanes targeted the city with more than 12 airstrikes on civilian houses without info on what the airstrikes caused.

SDF suspended its operation in Raqqa city and its countryside weeks ago while kept bombing the city and its countryside before Assad forces backed by Russian warplanes captured the eastern countryside south Euphrates after ISIS retreated.

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Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.


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