YPG block displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor and sponsorship policy is not working anymore

Displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor near al-Sad camp in al-Arysha area-Hawar agency

In the past week “People’s Protection Units YPG” blocked dozens of civilians who fled from Deir Ezzor in closed camps in Raqqa eastern countryside after YPG-led SDF started advancing toward Deir Ezzor.

NSO reporter said YPG detained at least 85 civilians majority are women and children inside Bader IDP camp north east Raqqa city after they fled clashes in Deir Ezzor between ISIS and SDF.

Our reporter said YPG ban Deir Ezzor displacement from living in Raqqa countryside and its northern cities and towns like Tal Abyad, Salouk and Ayn Eissa under any circumstances and detain them in Raqqa eastern countryside as soon as they arrive.

NSO reporter met Abu Saleh a civilian fled Deir Ezzor to Raqqa countryside last week, but YPG patrols banned him from heading toward Tal AByad city and detained him at Bader camp which is a small camp contain less than 100 civilians with textile tents and guarded by YPG fighters in north east Raqqa city.

Abu Saleh told NSO reporter that YPG fighters forced him and his family from the bus they were taking near a military checkpoint in al-Jazra village in Raqqa eastern countryside and took him to the camp despite his refusal after he told them he’s heading to Tal AByad and he has a sponsor who is waiting for him to provide him a house for his family.

PYD “self-autonomous” ban displacement to live in its held areas without a sponsor who should be a local known by the refugee and vows to take responsibility of the refugee as long as he live there.

Abu Saleh who fled clashes in Deir ezzor told NSO that YPG fighters told him to choose to go back to Deir Ezzor or stay at the camp and took every electronic device he owns and his families IDs.

Osama a young man from Deir Ezzor eastern countryside fled with 3 of his brothers to the western countryside in fear of revenge act by Assad forces against civilians who were living under ISIS reign while trying to capture these areas.

Osama told NSO reporter that YPG fighters arrested him about 20 days ago with his brothers on a checkpoint in al-Kibr village west Deir Ezzor and accused him of being ISIS fighter and trying to flee to Turkey, after investigation and making sure he’s not an ISIS fithers they sent him and his brothers to Badr camp.

Osama wondered why YPG refused to release him despite he intends to go to Aleppo northern countryside under armed opposition control and not stay in YPG held areas.

Osama added that it have been 20 days in the camp and couldn’t contact his parents or friends and talked about mistreatment and inhuman conditions the civilians suffer from in the camp.

Humanitarian crisis in Raqqa countryside is becoming worse after residents of Raqqa city and its countryside in addition to other displacement from other provinces who are more than 300k civilians live in textile tents while absence of aid agencies and curfew imposed by YPG on displaced civilians want to live outside camps.

Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.


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