Turkish forces will enter Idlib within days and Russian could provide air support if needed

Turkish military vehicles on its way toward Hatay province near Syria

Turkish army keep sending soldiers and military vehicles to Hatay province on the borders with Syria next to Idlib countryside in preparation to expected military campaign with FSA groups in Idlib countryside, Aleppo western countryside and parts of Hama northern countryside.

The expected military operation is among procedures to monitor de-escalation zones which was announced in the final statement of Astana 6 talking 5 days ago which included Idlib province, Damascus eastern Ghouta, parts of Homs northern countryside and parts of Latakia, Hama and Aleppo provinces.

A military source in one of opposition groups participating in the operation told NSO reporter in Aleppo countryside that around 10k Turkish soldiers including Special Forces will enter Syrian territories among de-escalation zones agreement which was approved in Astana talks, according to the source Turkish and Russian warplanes will provide aerial support in case of clashes between Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham HTS and Turkish-backed FSA groups.

According to the source who prefer to stay anonymous around 12k FSA fighters will participate with the Turkish army in this operation which will start from to axis one in Bab al-Hawa and the other in Atma village on the Turkish borders.

The source added that 2k fighters participating in the military operation are from the 9th Division are now undergoing a military training to enter Syrian territories in addition to Euphrates Shield groups who fought in Aleppo eastern countryside last year and consist of 3 bodies are Sulran Murad, al-Naser and Levant Front in addition to other armed opposition groups in Aleppo western countryside.

Despite the high level of training and support to the forces who will enter Idlib province, Aleppo western countryside and Hama northern countryside but a commander in one of the groups said entering the areas doesn’t aim to fight but to protect areas outside Assad regime grab and ban any other unwanted forces to enter the areas.

Among the opinions about the expected military operation many oversee a last battle between Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham HTS(formally known as Nusra Front) and the Turkish army beside opposition groups who want to capture whole areas known as “armed opposition controlled area in Syria”

Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham who captured majority of Idlib province lately announced it refuse Astana talks decisions saying that attending the talks is not the right of attendee in reference to armed opposition delegation.

سوريا ادلب حلب درع الفرات تركيا استانة

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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