PYD gunmen force families outside Mabrouke camp and 1000 $ is the price to leave Ayn Eissa camp for one family

Mabrouke IDP camp in Hasakah countryside

PYD Asayish expelled 23 families from Mabrouke camp to Ayn Eissa camp north Raqqa. 

NSO reporter quoted a source in the camp said this to avoid crowding Mabrouke camp west Tal Timr city in Hasakah province, after new wave of refugees came from Deir Ezzor northern countryside due to battle between ISIS and SDF and Assad regime.

NSO reporter in Hasakah countryside said Asayish requested Mabrouke camp management to list families from Deir Ezzor province to be moved to Ayn Eissa camp in Raqqa northern countryside. 

Reporter added that this request come after the camp's management announced that the camp reached full capacity which is 7000 refugees, Asayish replied by sending lists of 23 families and moved them using PYD "self-autonomous" buses. 

In the past week at least 100-150 new refugees arrived daily to the camp which raised the number to 8000, on the other side the new refugees wave exposed how bad the camp it is regarding health care, food supplies, bad water facilities and shortage of blankets before the winter. 

One of the people who left the camp to FSA-held areas told NSO reporter that situation in Ayn Eissa camp is no better than Mabrouke camp as Ein Eissa camp is more of detention camp for people until they pay for camp's guards to leave. 

The man added that the camp's guards offered him 1200 $ for each family to be allowed to leave so he paid it and went to al-Ra'i area North East al-Bab city, he described the situation of families there as catastrophic due to high prices to leave and their poor condition. 

PYD militias force refugees to live in camps made by the party and contain tents only while it impose "sponsorship" law for who want to live in its held areas. 

سوريا داعش قسد الحسكة دير الزور الرقة نازحون نزوح تهجير Syria HASAKE RAQQA RAKKA ISIS ISIL sdf pkk pyd YPG

Farouq Hamze

NSO reporter in Hasakah


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