PYD ease Deir Ezzor displaced civilians entry to Hasakah southern countryside but ban them from entering Hasakah city

Displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor far away from military operations-Hawar agency

Lately, Hundreds of displaced families from Deir Ezzor western and eastern countryside due to battles there reached Hasakah southern countryside under YPG-led SDF control.

NSO reporter in Hasakah countryside said around 75k civilians displaced from villages in Deir Ezzor countryside which witness attacked launched by Assad regime and SDF separately against ISIS while PYD authority decided to allow civilians to enter it held areas without usual conditions such as local sponsorship.

Displacement started since SDF launched battle to capture Deir Ezzor eastern and western countryside on 8th September with support from international coalition while Assad forces started a campaign to capture same areas with Russian support.

Our reporter roamed several villages where displaced civilians came in Hasakah southern countryside including: Abo Fas,al-Abdan, al-Ghareb, al-Attala, Ajaja, Tal Ahmar, Terembat al-Rafi’a, Termibat al-Rashed, al-Kabesh, Um Madfe’a, al-Hadadyie, al-Reshidyie, Um al-Raqybe and al-Aryishe and met several displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor there.

(Q-D) a displaced civilian told NSO reporter: I fled Deir Ezzor western countryside on the right bank of Euphrates River with my wife and children due to intense Russian bombardment and Assad regime advance, at first we crossed Euphrates River until we reached the left bank of the river and after clashes between ISIS and SDF with international coalition bombardment we were forced to displaced again toward Hasakah southern countryside, my family and I arrived at Terimbat al-Rafie’a village after a very dangerous trip due to ISIS landmines which exploded near us and killed a young man called Abed al-Theyab.

The man continue: when we crossed SDF checkpoints they us but didn’t require sponsorship papers which is a condition for civilians who want cross to their held areas, I paid as a bribe to checkpoints to cross around 65k SYP which is less than 100$, during our displacement journey we didn’t have any aid from “Self-Autonomous” nor humanitarian organizations there.

Thousands of civilians had to sleep out in the open while others rented rooms not suitable for living while others went to some houses in the villages such as Ajaja village which took 126 displaced families in 42 houses including 32 families shared houses with locals.

Our reporter met Um Ammar a displaced civilian from Deir Ezzor eastern countryside who said: I tried with my husband and children to reach my family house in Ghweiran neighborhood in Hasakah city but a checkpoint on the city’s entrance asked for our sponsorship papers and rent contract of the house we will live in and banned us from entering the city unless we do all sponsorship’s papers despite the fact that my civil registry in Hasakah but I lived in Deir Ezzor with my husband then they sent us back to Tal Hmar village south Hasakah.

These inhuman conditions of displaced civilians pushed young men to start initiative to help displaced civilians, one was formed in al-Shadadi city but wasn’t allowed by “PYD” authorities.

A close source to a groups of young volunteers who tried to volunteer independently in Hasakah southern countryside to help displaced civilians told NSO: a group of young men from a nearby villages decided to form a group to receive aid such as bread, food and sleeping mattress to give it to displaced civilians stuck at Badyiet al-Hasakah in a very inhuman conditions of sleep, food and water because they use cars and wagons to sleep in fear of snakes but the initiative was rejected by security office of SDF in al-Shaddadi city south Haskah.

NSO reporter said PYD authorities refused several civil initiatives to help displaced civilians, some aimed to speed-up the process of accepting civilians on military checkpoints where tribal figures of Hasakah countryside asked PYD authorities to set-up new entery points and monitor it but it was denied which made displaced gatherings grow making it an easy target to ISIS where an ISIS suicidal attack targeted displaced civilians in Abu Fas killing 52 civilians and 6 SDF fighters.

Many displaced camps in Hasakah southern and western countryside such as Rajem al-Salibi camp, al-Sad camp and Mabrouke camp but numbers of displaced civilians there exceeded the camps’ capacity in addition to families refuse to go there due to the inhuman conditions and bad treatment from PYD authorities.

Farouq Hamze

NSO reporter in Hasakah


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