Civilians in Deir Ezzor appeal from Assad and SDF besiegement after they were ISIS human shield

Assad regime soldiers in al-Reshdyie neighborhood in Deir Ezzor after capturing it

Hundreds of civilians in Deir Ezzor appealed the global community and UN to grant them safe passage from their besiegement imposed by Assad forces from a side and “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” from the other side.

Sources told NSO that Assad forces imposed a siege from 3 sides on around 200 civilians in al-Hawayqa neighborhood where ISIS was using them as human shields.

Sources added that the only passage for them is a river crossing lead to Hawayjet Qate’a besieged by both Assad regime and SDF but out of their control.

Reporter said that ISIS in al-Hawayqa neighborhood using civilians as human shield and ben them from leaving to Hwayjet Qate’a before opening a safe passage of ISIS fighters to Boukmal southern western countryside.

The source continue saying that civilians suffering from inhuman conditions with shortage of food and medicine while intense bombing from Assad forces and Russian warplanes which killed dozens in the past two days.

According to a source in Deir Ezzor countryside connection with besieged civilians in Hawayqa neighborhood was cut 3 days ago after Assad forces captured huge parts of the neighborhood in fear of revenge acts committed by Assad forces against civilians who were living under ISIS control.

The source added that Assad forces launched field executions against dozens of civilians including women and children who were at their houses when Assad forces entered Hawyqa and Hamidyie neighborhoods.

The source said SDF allowed civilians to leave the area by swimming between both Euphrates bank from al-Hawyqa and Hawayjet Qate’a toward SDF-held al-Husainyie north west the city.

Source added that this option considered impossible due to difficulty to swim against river stream for 100m and many injuries among civilians in addition to women, children and elderlies.

On the other side Assad forces condition was ISIS fighters and civilians surround without any conditions before entering the neighborhood and Hawayja after massing forces while Russian warplanes are bombing the area.

The source said around 150 civilians were able to leave al-Hawyqa toward Hawayjet Qate’a through a river crossing before Assad forces monitor it while these civilians still inside Hawayjet Qate’a denied entery by SDF with no way out.

This siege come after Assad forces advanced in Deir Ezzor city and controlling large parts of it on Friday except al-Hawyqa neighborhood while SDF captured city’s suburbs in north Euphrates ”al-Jazire”.

سوريا دير الزور قسد قوات الأسد داعش حصار إرهاب قصف مدنيون تهجير

Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.


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