PYD militias arrest dozens of young men in Manbij for forced conscription following an opposing protest

PYD Asayish patrol in Hasakah

On Monday, PYD gunmen arrested dozens of young men from Manbij city and its countryside east Aleppo for forced conscription imposed by PYD which opposed by locals. 

Field source in Manbij told NSO that PYD gunmen arrested in this morning more than 200 men between 18-40, source said they set up checkpoints in many areas such as al-Awsajly, Um Jalloud, Abu Qalqal, Mafraq al-Kersan, al-Nayef petrol station, Hsj Abdeen road and both Rabta and Saraya checkpoints inside Manbij city. 

Source added that PYD moved detainees to forced conscription camp in Kharous Sarrin village in Aleppo eastern countryside to train them before forcibly sending them to frontiines. 

Meanwhile the city witness anger and tension among civilians following these acts by PYD while calls for protest against PYD and forced conscription of local young men. 

Yesterday Manbij civilians held a strike and protested against PYD expressing refusal of forced conscription the PYD imposed it in the city saying it's a plan by PYD to use their sons in its war for its agendas. 

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Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter

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