Tribal Figures Injured by SDF Personnel during a Protest Calling for Assad Regime to Enter Manbij

SDF military police checkpoint searching the cars and civilians in Manbij city

On Tuesday, several tribal figures were injured in Manbij when they tried to protest for Assad regime to enter the city which is controlled by SDF-affiliated Manbij Military Council and against the American presence in the city.

NSO reporter said al-Mashi, Bobanna and Dandan clans massed hundreds of protesters in Abu Qalqal village near Manbij and sent the first group around 100 to the city by Asayish forces under the name “Internal Security Forces” in addition to Military Police and Police stopped them and injured around 20 and arrested 5 others.

Clans who tried to protest want regime to take over the city of Manbij after Olive Branch operation led by Turkey took Efrin and close to enter Tal Rifaat in Aleppo northern countryside which causes fear among these clans that SDF may withdraw from Manbij.

Before the protest started, Asayish commanders asked one of al-Mashi clan figures called Ismail Mohamad Kheir Diab al-Mashi who was receiving the convoys coming from Manbij to cancel the protest but he refused then SDF sent checkpoints and personnel to all the city to stop the protestors according to what NSO reporter saw.

When the first group of protesters reached the city’s main square they were attacked by SDF security personnel and were beaten which forced the protesters to flee or go to hospitals but the clans didn’t send the other group after seeing the forces against the first group of protesters.

The protest was coordinated by Ismail Mohamad Kheir Diab al0Mashi and his brother Alaa Mohamad Kheir Diab al-Mashi and Maher al-Jaysi in addition to other figures from Dandan clan our reporter couldn’t identify.

The head of checkpoints branch in Manbij called Safwan participated in stopping the protest in addition to Asayish commander Abu Stayf al-Hamdouni and to Asayish intelligence personnel Abdo Kobane.

Among the injured protesters known Mohamad Kheir al-Mashi who was shot on the road to Abu Qalqal after an altercation with Asayish personnel then hospitalized to Manbij Hospital in addition to Hassoun Dandan who is one of Bobanna clan figures and Maher al-Jaysi who was able to flee after Asayish beat him and Mohamad Abbas the owner of al-Abas private school while Yousef Hajwain was arrested.

A local source in Abu Qalqal village told NSO reporter that these clans coordinated with regime reporter Shadi Helwe to enter Manbij to cover the protest.

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