YPG arrest a young man in Efrin countryside for forced conscription

“Self Protection Units” gunmen which contain men forcibly conscripted

YPG gunmen arrested a young man in Balble village (Koutanli) in Efrin countryside for forced conscription.

NSO reporter said 5 YPG gunmen raided today clothes workshop in Balble village in Efrin countryside,asked for IDs of employees there and arrested young man Mohamad Houri born in 1999 and took him to Efrin.

Reporter added Mohamad’s father headed to conscription center in Efrin and asked to see his son but center’s guards banned him from seeing his son,reporter said another 12 men from the same village received papers for military service with YPG.


Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University. 

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