Freedom of a man for recruiting his daughters, story of a detainee at YPG prison refused YPJ recruiting his daughters

YPJ fighters’ graduation ceremony

On Sunday, PYD-affiliated “People’s Protection Units YPG” arrested a man in Rajo village in Efrin countryside in north Aleppo after he refused to let his daughters join “Women’s Protection Units YPJ” after PYD gunmen convinced them to join.

NSO reporter in Efrin said YPG gunmen arrested Natheer Mostafa from al-Qaderyie(Hopkanli) and live in Rajo town after he smuggled his 2 daughters “Avindar 12 years old” and “Dilshan 10 years old” out of the town due to fear of being recruited by YPJ.

A source close to the family told NSO the story started about a month ago when the man sent his 16 years old son to Turkey to not be forcibly recruited and he stayed with his wife and 2 daughters, a YPG member called “Qaraso” with two female YPJ members used to visit the house when the man and his wife outside and talk to the daughters about “Abdullah Ocalan philosophy” and trying to convince them to join YPG or YPJ.

Source said the members were able to convince the girls to join YPG and promised them to fulfil their requests using the family financial situation who live in a rented house and the supporter work as plastic street vendor.

Source continued: after the mother came back from long trip she was shocked by her daughters talking about the Democratic Nation philosophy and the importance of resistance and sacrifice for the homeland and when the mother asked them where they heard it they replied that 3 members of YPG told them about this.

According to the source the man sent his wife and daughters to unknown place outside the village in fear of YPG members influence, when “Qaraso” knew about it he went to the man’s house (who has disabled leg), arrested him and took him to YPG HQ near train station in Rajo town and when the wife asked why her husband was arrested he replied “if you want your husband out then send your daughters immediately”

YPG forces and its female wing YPJ accept underage joining its ranks, in several cases were kids like the famous case of Hemrin Abdi who was kidnapped and forcibly recruited by YPJ in Amude city in Hasakah countryside.

Human Rights Watch appealed to the anti-ISIS Coalition in a report issued two weeks ago to make it clear to SDF that child recruitment is illegal even if the kids are not doing military missions, with the necessity to punish commanders who allow child recruitment and encourage forces to give all ex-child soldiers all help for physical and emotional therapy, and demanded Coalition countries to stop publicly coordinating or helping armed groups recruiting child soldiers.

Dirar Khattab

The Chief Editor, A Syrian journalist who worked as an editor of electronic press since 2009, and a Co-Producer of several documentaries since 2014. A banking and finance faculty from Aleppo University. 


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