PYD gunmen detain at least 25 opponents

6 opponents were arrested by PYD authorities

Kurdish activists said “Democratic Union Party PYD” arrested at least 25 political opponents and activists on Thursday in its held area.

“Kurdish Yekiti Party” website “Yekiti Media” said PYD gunmen launched arrest campaign targeted local officials in Kurdish National Council and Yekiti officials before celebration called by KNC to support the independent referendum in Kurdistan Iraq on 25 September.

Website said PYD gunmen arrest “Yekiti Media” reporter Berzan Sheikhmos and the member of Yekiti party Ismail Senan in Amude city in addition to two KNC members in al-Jawharyie village Mostafa Senan and Fahed Ali Asad and another civilian called Mohamad Hami after raiding his house.

In Derbasyie city 4 member of Yekiti party were arrested they are:Abdulhamid, Jihad, Nizam al-Din Aliko and Idris Ali while PYD intelligence in Tal Temer arrested two other Yekiti party members Bahjat Sheikho and Ismail Ghazo.

In Ra’as al-Ain PYD gunmen arrested Yekiti party official of Ra’as al-Ain city Badran Mesto and two members of “Kurdish Democratic Party-Syria” Abdulhamid Khalil and Abdulmajid Mousa.

Arrest campaign include also another 9 opponents in different areas and they are: Husain Haj Ahmad, Qasem Khalil, Mahmoud Ismail, Hawas Mahmoud, Mohamad Mohamd Ali, Mohamad Shiekh Basheer, Abdulhamid Rezbai, Abdulawahab Kurmi, Abulkarim Omar Hasso, Hasan Ali Haj Rasho, Nezhan Ahmad and Loukman Awji.

Anti-PYD activists accuse the party of oppressing its opponents by detaining and expelling them while it ban political life in its held areas except a license from its authorities.

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University. 

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