Syrian Kurds rally in support for KRG referandum

Syrian Kurds rallied in support of KRG independence referendum and held photos of Mostafa and Masoud Barzani

On Friday Kurdish National Council held rallies in support of Kurdistan Iraq independence referandum attended by thousands. 

NSO reporter in Qamishli said thousands of KNC and its affiliated parties held up rallies in villages in Hasakah countryside, biggest one was in Qamishli city in support referandum of independence of Kurdistan Iraq which will be held on 25 September. 

According to the reporter PYD Asayish were near the rally to protect it after they arrested more than 30 PYD opponents in different areas in Hasakah province. 

According to Kurdish activists Asayish released 3 opponents were arrested yesterday while KNC issued statement condemned "PYD terror actions against Kurdish people" according to the statement. 

International community proceeded thr independence referendum as USA and EU countries expressed reservation on the referendum now while only Israel express its support to the independence. 

Nowruz Agha


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