SDF to Raqqa countryside residents “allow your sons to join our ranks willingly before we impose forced conscription”

Graduations ceremony to forced conscripted fighters

“Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” told residents of Raqqa eastern and western countryside villages to send their sons between 18-32 years old to conscription in SDF ranks.

NSO reporter said PYD Asayish told tribal figures personally and its armored vehicles roamed the villages and cities and told civilians to send their sons to conscription with SDF through speakers.

Reporter quoted a tribal figure in Raqqa eastern countryside that SDF told them they must send young men to conscription willingly before 2018 when it will impose forced conscription, according to the man SDF threatens everyone between 18-32 who refuse conscription and told the families they will be arrested and could displaced their civilians away.

The man added that SDF trying to lure the residents like what ISIS did before by paying salaries starting from 30k SYP around 60$ in addition to food baskets and diesel in addition to release all the siblings from conscription.

SDF justified this by saying it will protect the area from ISIS threats in addition to protect “Rojava” from external threat according to what SDF representative told residents.

According to local source SDF representatives demanded the families whose sons living in Euphrates Shield, Turkey or Europe to tell them to come back to Raqqa and SDF will guarantee their passage and protection and will be given until New Year to joing SDF conscription.

Worth to mention that SDF which “Peoples’ Protection Units YPG” is its backbone launch forces conscription campaigns in all its held areas which caused tension and clashes between families and military police while SDF suffer shortage of fighters due to expanded territory under its control.

سوريا الرقة قسد تنجنيد الاساييش داعش روجافا درع الفرات pyd

Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.


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